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Organic Summer Solstice


Radiant & Lively

Notes of Cherry, Plum & Floral

Stone fruit sweetness punctuated by notes of sweet cherry with a delicate, floral aftertaste.




1800-2200 meters
74110, 74112, Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties
48-72 hour Wet Fermentation, Washed, Dried on Raised Beds


October- December 2020

Nensebo, West Arsi

About Organic Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a celebration of those long days of summer when the sun lingers and time slows. It’s a magical season here in the Driftless -- one spent floating down the river, tending overabundant gardens, and gathering around late night fires under the stars. And while we know we can’t capture that all in a blend, no one's going to stop us from trying.

As with all of our seasonal blends, Summer Solstice captures the fresh flavor profiles and delicate subtleties of this season’s standouts. Playful and radiant, this blend features several lots from a newer coffee destination in Ethiopia called Refisa Nensebo. With notes of ripe stone fruit and Door County cherries, Summer Solstice is floral, fruity and surprisingly full-bodied.


Ethiopia, the homeland of all coffee, is not where you'd expect to find a new and relatively unknown coffee producing region. Nensebo is just that anomaly. The region is home to a community of producers farming tiny, 1-3 hectare plots. They collectively cultivate 5,000 hectares of Kurume, Wolisho, and wild varietals plucked from neighboring forests.

The Refisa Washing Station receives coffee from 678 producers. Like our Chelbessa lots this year, Refisa is owned by our exporting partner in Ethiopia, SNAP coffee. At the washing station, producers deliver ripe red cherries to be centrally processed, ensuring the highest quality standards and consistency. The result is everything we love about Ethiopian coffee: cherries thoughtfully grown at extremely high elevations, long soaking and fermentation times, and a diverse range of varieties that yield a distinctive flavor profile.

This is our second year purchasing from Refisa and we are incredibly excited to be offering such exceptional coffees in this year's Summer Solstice.

Organic Summer Solstice

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