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Organic Winter Solstice Blend


Warm & Colorful

Notes of Citrus, Currant & Dark Chocolate Cake

With fudge-like depth and currant sweetness, it's like cozying up to a fire with a hot cup of cocoa, a warming cordial, and a fresh slice of chocolate cake.

Producers: 50% Colombia Inza 50% Peru San Fernando





Winter Solstice

1700-2300 meters
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Castillo, Variedad Colombia
Dry Fermentation, 20-30 Hour Fermentation, Raised Bed & Patio Drying
June - October 2023
Inza, Cauca and Incahuasi Valley, Cusco
Farmers of Inza Cauca & San Fernando Cooperative

Long nights and short days have us reaching for something to keep the cold at bay. A sweet and toasty blend of two fresh crop coffees from Peru and Colombia, Winter Solstice gives us a reason to get out of bed and embrace the quiet, sparkling beauty of winter in the Driftless. While we're roasting a seasonal blend this good, there's no reason to hibernate.

With a fudgy depth, candied rainier cherry sweetness, and notes of 70% dark chocolate, it's like cozying up to a fire with a hot cup of cocoa, a cherry cordial, and a fresh slice of chocolate cake. So let’s fire up the kettle and commit ourselves anew to the things that bring us light all winter long.

About the Coffee

The San Fernando Cooperative, located in the remote mountains of Amaybamba, Peru, consistently produces coffees that provide structure, depth, and chocolateyness that we find wonderfully pleasant in the depths of the winter season. This selection is created by San Fernando specifically for Wonderstate Coffee, highlighting the unique characteristics of heirloom varieties grown at exceptionally high elevations and cultivated in a traditional, organic method. In many areas of Peru, coffee producers have begun cultivating new hybrid varieties of coffee trees, which to us intrinsically changes the flavor profile, and often for the worse. Thankfully the producers of San Fernando have tended to stick to older heirloom varieties such as bourbon, typica, and caturra, which we believe creates a harmonious expression of flavor. 

Similarly, the producers of Inza, Cauca have gained notoriety for their coffees, largely because they -- much like San Fernando -- also cultivate largely organic heirloom varieties. Both Amaybamba and Inza are off the beaten path, and most people would rather not make the serious journey to visit these communities. But we know the best things tend to come from the hardest places to reach. Inza is one of those places where the mystery of coffee is revealed in full splendor, with misty mountaintops where some of the best Colombian coffee in the world is produced. We find these coffees well structured, coating your palate with tones of citrus, black tea, plum, and a sugary sweetness. When combined, these coffees create a full spectrum of flavor that leaves us wanting to drink it all day long.

Organic Winter Solstice Blend

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