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Organic Off Grid Super Dark Roast



Bold & Roasty

Notes of Bittersweet Cocoa, Caramelized Sugar & Smoke

Go deeper & darker than you’ve gone before with a roast that takes you off the beaten path. 

Producer: 100% Peru San Fernando




About Organic Off Grid

Not for the faint of heart, Off Grid is roasty, smoky, and unquestionably bold. A blend so dark it’s off the map, Off Grid goes deeper and darker than we've ever gone before. For those who like to cut their coffee with a knife, or who take a little cream.

Going off the grid is a daring choice, whether you’re exploring  the backcountry or a new way of thinking. But, like generating 100% of our roastery’s electricity from our own solar panels, we know there is much to be gained in traveling beyond the boundaries of your imagination. 

So what does it take to travel beyond the boundaries of roast level? We found it takes incredibly sweet coffees that will hold up to longer roast times and higher temperatures. The coffees we use in Off Grid are robust and tenacious, able to meet the challenge of an unprecedented roast. We push them to that perfect threshold where the sugars caramelize and leave us with a flavor reminiscent of baker's chocolate. 

Darkly brilliant yet as cozy as an A-Frame in the woods, this blend’s as close as we’ll ever come to s’mores.

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