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Organic Peru San Fernando


Balanced & Confectionary

Notes of Fudge, Roasted Almond & Citrus

Fudge like sweetness with a balanced acidity, notes of roasted almond and a soft citrus finish.




San Fernando Cooperative

2000-2400 Meters
Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
24 hour dry fermentation, washed, raised bed and patio drying
July 2021- September 2021
Inkawasi, La Convencion

About San Fernando Cooperative

About the Producer

This is our fourth year buying from the San Fernando Cooperative. In that time they've become the largest single supplier of all our relationship coffees. With over 400 members, the group is collecting coffee from many distinct areas in the valley of Incahuasi. On average, these are some of the highest elevation coffees we buy in South America with farm elevations ranging from 1900 to 2400 meters. Over the past few years, San Fernando has been heavily investing in soil health and fertility. They've created infrastructure to produce soil enriching microorganisms as well as worm composting to bolster production for its members. The cooperative also has an excellent quality control program, which isolates unique lots in order to highlight the diverse flavor profiles of the area. 

About the Coffee

After tasting through a myriad of lots from San Fernando, we're excited to land on two for this special release. The first is a small, 15 bag lot from the husband and wife team, Mario Vilano and Isidora Casa. Their farm is planted with 100% bourbon and is situated at 2120 meters. The second lot is a blend of several producers hailing from the highest elevations, producing extremely dense and sweet profiles. With an emphasis on traditional heirloom varietals and high quality processing, these are among the best coffees we've tasted from Peru this season. New, lower-quality varieties have made their way throughout much of the country, but the extreme isolation of the region has helped maintain the traditional farming practices that make lots like these so amazing.

Why We Love It

The flavor profile of coffee from San Fernando is very distinct and contrasts the more heavily-fruited lots we see from Northern Peru. They have a candy bar sweetness with roasted nuts, nougat, maple, fudge and sweet chocolate personalities, balanced by pleasant acidity, and light citrus notes. Distinct and compelling, San Fernando is a densely rich coffee that speaks to the magic of Southern Peru.

San Fernando Cooperative

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