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Bestseller Bundle


This box set includes our three bestselling blends. For the medium to dark roast drinker, it's a stellar gift. It's also an excellent way to try (or reintroduce yourself) to the blends that have become a fan favorites.

6oz bag of each (whole bean only): Big Dipper, Driftless, Heartstrings

Bestseller Bundle Includes:

6oz bag of each (whole bean only): Big Dipper, Driftless, Heartstrings


The everyday cup of coffee, elevated and perfected. Smooth and deep flavors of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and warming baking spices. Named for the region our roastery calls home — where we work, play, roast and brew. It's our beloved hometown brew, our bestselling coffee and it scored 92 Points on Coffee Review this year. 

Coffee Review called Driftless "Deep-toned, richly sweet. Oreo cookie...lively, brisk acidity; lightly satiny mouthfeel. A hint of cumin surfaces in the cookie-sweet finish." This depth and nuance in the cup is no mistake.


For anyone who wants a big, round coffee with layers of bittersweet chocolate and a dreamy, rich body, this is your blend. As iconic as its namesake and as dark as the night sky, Big Dipper is a familiar standout.  A no-frills coffee that smacks of good taste, this is a blend to satisfy those coffee drinkers who are fond of bold, roasty flavors.

With rich notes of fudge & brown butter, this coffee’s a surefire crowd pleaser. It may have a big name to live up to, but we think Big Dipper’s as glorious as the constellation itself.

Always a blend of our favorite coffees from Latin America, this dark roast goes well with cream and can be an exceptional choice for those cafes serving larger coffee drinks, which is to say Big Dipper holds up really well in milk.


Heartstrings reminds us why we fell in love with coffee in the first place. Always featuring coffees from the homeland of all coffee, Ethiopia, Heartstrings is a rich blend of washed & naturally processed coffees. With a deep, intricate complexity and a jammy, strawberry splash, this one’s for the discerning and the curious. 

Natural coffees are dried with the ripe red coffee cherries left intact, baking in those rich, fruity flavors. When paired with a washed coffee, where the flesh of the coffee cherry is removed before the bean is dried, it gives us a wonderfully layered but slightly elusive flavor profile we can’t get enough of.

For those whose morning cup has become a little humdrum, this one is sure to tug at your heartstrings and spark some new coffee passions. Pull it as a shot. Brew it up however you like. Let the intrigue begin.

Bestseller Bundle

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