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Organic Bloom Blend


Vibrant & Confectionery

Notes of Honeycrisp Apple, Praline & Citrus


Playful tones of apple and confectionary sweetness of praline, finishing with a crisp snap of fresh citrus.

Ingredients: 50% Colombia Fondo Paez, 50% Peru Illucan




Introducing this season's Bloom – a symphony of flavors reflecting rotating fresh crop coffees from partners in Latin America. Immerse yourself in the playful and juicy notes of apple, followed by the sweet embrace of pralines, culminating in the refreshing snap of fresh citrus.

This year’s blend is more than just coffee; it's a celebration of the promise of warmer days and the anticipation of brighter moments.

At the heart of our sourcing model lies a commitment to long-term partnerships. Just as plants flourish with care, our relationships with producers are nurtured for sustainable growth. It's not just about great coffee; it's an agreement of mutual benefit— delicious coffee for us, and equitable, transparent, and ever-rising pay for our dedicated farmers.

Bloom, like all our seasonal coffees, aims to showcase the best of what's in season. In the spirit of spring's renewal, crack open the windows, let new life rush in, and savor the opportunity to plant, nurture, bloom, and enjoy the moments that unfold.

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