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Colombia Sierra Morena Pink Bourbon


Wild & Syrupy

Notes of Blood Orange, Strawberries & Grenadine

Wild and electric citrusy tones of blood orange immediately fill the cup, followed by a sweet-tart combination of wild strawberries and syrupy grenadine.

This coffee lab favorite recently scored 95 Points on Coffee Review. Read it here.




Producer: Wilson Alva

1850 meters
Pink Bourbon
Cherry held for 18 hours, then depulped and dry fermented for 48 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds
May - August 2023
Palestina Muncipality, Huila Department

What We Love
We crave unforgettable coffee experiences, and this selection from Sierra Morena is one for the books. Featuring the exotic Pink Bourbon variety, this coffee is electrifying and exceptionally fruity. This variety always manages to stand out to us, with a range of flavors that are both invigorating and massive: they’re unmistakable! In the cup we taste a juicy and intense tone of blood orange, followed by a combination of sweet and tart notes that remind us of wild strawberries and syrupy grenadine. 

About the Farmer
Wilson Alva is a longtime coffee farmer who has just begun his specialty-coffee producing journey. The Sierra Morena farm was owned by Wilson grandfather and father, which he worked alongside, producing coffee. Around 2003 he and his family decided to move away from coffee production, and focus nearly exclusively on cultivating fruits. For a number of years the Sierra Morena farm grew no coffee at all! During this time, Wilson’s father retired, and Wilson inherited the farm, assuming all the responsibilities this comes with. He began to hear about farmers in the area receiving better prices for specialty coffee, and he began to replant coffee trees, focusing on a new variety in the area: Pink Bourbon. 

Today, Sierra Morena has fully returned to coffee production, focusing nearly exclusively on cultivating Pink Bourbon, though Wilson has begun to experiment with other new and exotic varieties. At first he struggled to meet the basic quality parameters needed to sell his coffee into high value markets, but he has since improved his processes, and now cultivates some seriously delicious coffee. 

About the Coffee
We at Wonderstate Coffee have always been fans of Colombian coffees. In many ways, Colombia is the land of flavor possibilities. There are a multitude of producing regions, and within each region are a plethora of micro-climates, each providing us with coffees of distinction, with completely unique flavors and aromas. Over the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of new varieties in Colombia. What this means is we're seeing familiar areas with completely new flavor profiles, with some bordering on the highly exotic, nearly mystic qualities we’d expect from somewhere like Ethiopia. 

A major player in this change is the Pink Bourbon variety. This type of tree came on the scene a few years ago, and has since blown up, with producers in nearly every neighborhood beginning to cultivate the variety. In the cup, the Pink Bourbon variety is explosive in flavor, with loads of intense citrus and jammy-fruit tones. We’ve come to love these coffees because they’re a bit wild and unruly - they keep us guessing with each sip, revealing new layers of flavors. We invite you to try something unexpected and a bit on the wild-side! 

We’ve found some of the best of the best Pink Bourbons are coming from the department of Huila, an area long recognized for phenomenal coffees. Sierra Morena is our second ever Pink Bourbon release, and we’re stoked to get it in your cups! This coffee will surprise you with the amount of pure fruity-goodness available in every last drop. 

The Sierra Morena farm is located near the small town of Palestina, which is also a municipality in the southernmost corner of the Huila department. This area is the geographical base of the Macizo Colombiano, or the Colombia Massifs, which split into 3 distinct mountain ranges as they travel north. It’s in this context Wilson cultivates primarily the Pink Bourbon variety, at 1850 meters above sea level. This coffee undergoes a mixed fermentation process, with cherries being held for about 18 hours before being depulped and fermented dry for 48 hours. Seeds and then washed and dried on raised beds to optimal moisture levels. 

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