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Organic Winter Solstice Blend


Warm & Colorful

Notes of Citrus, Rainier Cherry, & Dark Chocolate Cake

With fudge-like depth and cherry sweetness, it's like cozying up to a fire with a hot cup of cocoa, a warming cordial, and a fresh slice of chocolate cake.

Producers: 50% San Fernando, 50% Peru Colasay El Puquio




Winter Solstice

1700-2300 meters
Caturra, Bourbon & Typica
Dry Fermentation, 20-30 Hour Fermentation, Raised Bed & Patio Drying
June - October 2022
Colasay & Incahuasi Valley, Peru
Colasay Producers & San Fernando Cooperative

Long nights and dark days have us reaching for something to keep the cold at bay. A sweet and toasty blend of two fresh crop coffees from Peru, Winter Solstice gives us a reason to get out of bed and weather the day. Because while daylight might be dwindling, we’re not ones to hibernate.

This year’s blend features coffees from two of our favorite communities in Peru - the San Fernando Cooperative in the southern part of the country near Cusco, and Productores de Colasay, in the far north, not too far from the border of Ecuador. These coffees are at the peak of their seasonality and make for a cozy companion to the deep freeze ahead. So bundle up and pour yourself another cup. We’re in for a long winter. 

With fudgy depth, candied rainier cherry sweetness, and notes of 70% dark chocolate, it's like cozying up to a fire with a hot cup of cocoa, a cherry cordial, and a fresh slice of chocolate cake. So let’s hunker down and commit ourselves anew to the things that bring us light in the depths of winter.

About Origin Coffee Lab

Over the years, we’ve traveled around much of Peru and have found ourselves particularly taken with the coffees coming from a few special communities surrounding the city of Jaen, in the Cajamarca region. Productores de Colasay is a farmer group located in Colasay, one of the twelve districts of Jaen. They produce one of the most distinct and fruited profiles that we have ever tasted in the country. Similarly distinct, but in an entirely different way - the lots that we have been tasting from Colasay are incredibly clean and refined, offering an elegance that is rare to find in the Americas. These beautiful coffees would not be possible without the work of Origin Coffee Lab, a small exporter that works with local farmers to produce, source, and process truly exceptional coffees. 

Founded with the hope of seeing coffees from their home turf find the acclaim they deserve, our friend Jose Rivera and the Origin Coffee Lab team are doing big things to elevate the conversation surrounding coffee in Northern Peru. With their help, we’ve been lucky enough to find some of the best Peruvian coffees we’ve ever tasted.

About San Fernando Cooperative

The San Fernando Cooperative is tucked away in one of the most remote and beautiful areas we have ever visited - reachable only after several flights to Lima, another flight to Cusco, and a bouncy twelve-hour car ride through the heart of the Andes. The General Manager, Wilbert Almanza, was kind enough to steward our 2022 journey over three 4,000 Meter passes to get to the Incahuasi Valley where the cooperative is located.

This is our sixth year buying from the San Fernando Cooperative, and they have become our largest single supplier of all of our relationship coffees. With just under 400 members, the group collects coffee from many distinct areas in the valley. On average, these are the highest-elevation coffees that we've sourced in South America, with average farm elevations ranging from 1,900-2,400 Meters. Over the past few years, San Fernando has invested heavily in soil health and coffee tree fertility. They have created infrastructure to produce soil-enriching micro-organisms as well as worm composting to bolster production for its members. The Cooperative has an excellent quality control program, keeping unique single-farmer micro-lots separate from the larger lots for us to highlight throughout the year.

In addition to its unique micro-climate, the San Fernando Cooperative has a few other advantages over other groups. Over eighty percent of San Fernando’s varieties are traditional, non-hybridized varieties like catimor, which have become the mainstay varieties in Peru. We notice much cleaner, sweeter, and more articulate flavors from the older varieties. We attribute the incredible consistency of these coffees to the largely centralized processing facilities at San Fernando. Regionally based washing stations collect freshly picked coffee cherries from local farmers and process them carefully in a controlled and consistent manner. The majority of Peruvian coffee is processed on-farm which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but does offer a tremendous challenge to coordinate consistently good results when you consider that the majority of coffees in Peru are a blend of tens if not hundreds of different deliveries from individual, small-scale producers.

Organic Winter Solstice Blend

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