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Organic Summer Solstice


Lively & Radiant

Peach Cobbler, Blackberries & Citrus

Lively fruit tones of buttery peach cobbler are followed by tart blackberries and a finish of lively citrus.

Producer: 67% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb, 33% Colombia Inza Cauca




Organic Summer Solstice

Producer: Smallholders of Gedeb, Ethiopia and Inza, Colombia

1600-2300 meters
Ethiopia Landraces, Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Colombia Variety, and Castillo
Washed Process

Harvest: November 2023 - February 2024

Region: Inza, Colombia & Gedeb, Ethiopia

Summer Solstice Blend is a celebration of those long days of summer when the sun lingers, cicadas hum and time slows. It’s a magical season here in the Driftless -- one spent floating down the river, tending overabundant gardens, and gathering around late-night fires under the stars. This coffee invites us to slow down, be present, and let the glory of summer take us in. 

In the cup, we experience bright seasonal tones of peach cobbler, tart blackberries, and vibrant citrus finish. 

For us, there’s no better place to source bright and sweet coffees for Summer Solstice than Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee as we know it. Ethiopian coffees are known for their exceptional sugary sweetness, interlaced with refined citrus and stone fruit flavors, amongst dense flowery aromatics, which creates a mystical and enlivening cup experience for even the most discerning coffee drinkers. We’ve combined this mythic profile with the classic of Inza, Colombia. In this region, we’ve found coffee that boasts deep berry-like fruitiness and chocolaty tones that create complexity and resolve in blends. When combined, the result is a coffee that retains the delicacy of Ethiopian coffee, while delivering an unmatched depth we find in the best Colombian coffees.

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