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To get the best cup of Kamavindi Kenya Wemba, we enlisted the Aeropress. This brewer provides a more direct extraction so we could focus on the complexity and intensity of the coffee, particularly the underlying red currant and lemon tones. This method uses the classic Aeropress technique, no flipping required. 

Place your Aeropress base downward on your mug or carafe, with the numbers facing you. Load the coffee on top of the filter.

Coffee: 18 grams - ground table salt or slightly finer

Water: slightly lower temp - around 200° F

Pour 1

Begin by pouring very slowly, about 3-5 grams a second, slowly filling the brewer until you reach the 1 position. At this time, begin stirring the coffee vigorously with a spoon or stick for about 10 seconds. 

Pour 2

Pour again, slowly, until you reach the 3 position, again agitating the grounds by stirring for another 10 seconds finishing around the 1-minute mark.

Pour 3

Fill up to the 4 mark on the Aeropress, do not stir, but immediately begin plunging, finishing around 1:30-1:45.

This recipe is more concentrated, and will reveal some of the deeper characteristics of this particular coffee. Whereas typical Kenyan coffees tend to come across very "loud" with flavors, this selection from Kamavindi is exceptionally clean and delicate and can come across as "mild." This brew method will push forward the intense and complex tones of citrus, red currant, and mild tropical fruits found within. 

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