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As with all of our seasonal blends, we've plucked only the most in-season coffees from long-term farmer partners for Harvest. This blend has been shinning on every brew method we can throw at it, so let's zero in on a couple of our favorite cool weather brew methods.

French Press
Brew Ratio 16.6 to 1
30 Grams Harvest Blend - Ground Kosher Salt Size
500 Grams Water - 205-210 f 

1. Grind coffee
2. Bring Water to temperature
3. Load coffee into french press 
4. Pour all 500g water - stir immediately after
reaching 500g for about 10 seconds
5. Allow to sit for 5 minutes
6. Around 7 minutes, press down to filter the coffee
7. Enjoy

18 Gram Dose of Harvest Blend 
40 grams brewed espresso
brewing time 28-33 seconds

No spro or french press at home?
We've got brewing how-to's for more methods here.