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Kenya Kamavindi Wemba


Bright & Layered

Notes of Black Currant, Meyer Lemon & Floral

Lustrous brightness evokes notes of currant and meyer lemon. The mouthfeel is rich and creamy with a sublime structure that carries into a thrillingly long and intense aftertaste. 

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*This lot was prepared exclusively for Wonderstate Coffee.* 




Kamavindi Estate

1600 meters
20 Hour Dry Fermentation, 22 Hour Fermentation with Water & 14-20 Day Raised Bed Drying
October-December 2021
Embu County

About the Producer

We were first introduced to Peter Mbature and his small farm, Kamavindi Estate, in 2013 on a Kenyan sourcing trip with our good friend, Tim Hill. Peter’s grandfather planted the 7.5 Hectare farm in 1958 at a time when Indigenous peoples were only permitted to plant 100 trees in total, a miniscule amount. Fast forward to present day: Peter is now managing 10,000 trees and 7,000 of them are the heralded SL28 variety.

Peter and his wife Gladys are some of the most earnest and passionate coffee farmers we have ever met, continually experimenting with new methods to improve overall quality. We jumped at the chance to work more closely with Peter in 2020, when he reached out for support in the production and trial of unique processing and rare varietals.

This 100% SL28 varietal lot is one of the results of the partnership and was prepared exclusively for Wonderstate. It bears the name Wemba, which is a hybrid of Peter's late mother and fathers names. Given the quality of this lot, the name is both a celebration and testament to the hard work and dedication of Peter's ancestors. 

The success of Kamavindi has also helped Peter build a coffee school on his farm which he intends to use as a way for local producers to evaluate and understand their own coffee quality. He also wants to train local Kenyans to become licensed Q graders, the industry-recognized standard for evaluating coffees. 

About the Coffee 

This coffee is composed entirely of SL28 which is one of the world’s most distinctively fruity and bright coffee varieties. Most Kenyan coffees include a blend of varieties, notably SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian, which makes this exclusive lot all the more unique and full of character. Peter also tried some unique processing on this lot. He fermented the coffee without water for 20 hours, then added water to the fermentation tank for another 22 hours before washing and drying the coffee for two to three weeks on raised African beds. As usual, Peter’s coffee is immaculately processed, crafting one of the cleanest coffees that we have ever seen.

Why we love it

Here is a rare chance to taste the coveted SL28 variety from one of the most meticulous coffee producers in all of Kenya. Peter’s coffee is a true testament to what is possible when you combine world class farming and processing with a distinguished coffee variety grown on some of the most majestic coffee terroir. This coffee has the distinct black currant note which Kenyan coffee is known for, with an added floral complexity and cleanliness that takes it to the next level. It is something truly special.

Kamavindi Estate

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