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Tired of waiting for cold brew? It's time to ⚡️ FLASH BREW ⚡️ 

What is flash brewing?

Flash brewing makes instant iced coffee, much quicker than traditional cold brewing which can take up to 24 hours. The method used is a variation of the pourover (or chemex) brew method.

Why flash brew?

If you need a cold brew now (and honestly who doesn’t?) flash brewing is your new pal. Because flash brewing uses hot water the complexity of the coffee is better represented vs cold brewing. The flavors more closely resemble a traditional hot brew. 

Stay Curious:

If you want to test out the difference between cold brew and flash brew a fun at home experiment is to brew up a batch of both and try them side by side. Make sure you use the same coffee and note the differences in flavors and aromas. How are they the same? How are they different? Taking a deeper dive into how different brew methods affect the final coffee will help you get to know your coffee much better.

Flash Brew Recipe 

Grind slightly finer than for pourover, to increase contact time. Since less water is used the coffee won’t become overly extracted (i.e. bitter). Ice will melt as the coffee drips into the decanter, diluting it (similar to an americano). Top with additional ice garnish with fresh peach slices for a summer porch favorite. 

What You’ll need:
Digital Scale 
30g Coffee - We suggest our Ethiopia Idido Wegida Natural or our Panorama Blend.
Grinder (ideally, burr)
200g ice (150g for brewing, 50g for serving)
330g hot water
Dripper w/ filter
Decanter/mason jar


  1. Heat water to around 205 degrees
  2. Rinse paper filter, discard rinse water
  3. Measure out 30g of coffee, this recipe uses a 16:1 brew ratio of water to coffee - with the water being split between ice in the decant and hot water to brew with.
  4. Grind coffee slightly finer than for pourover
  5. Add coffee into dripper and ensure it’s evenly spread out.
  6. Place decanter onto scale, place dripper onto decanter, tare out the scale.
  7. Pour 60g onto your coffee, let it bloom for 45 seconds
  8. Pour three separate pulses of 100g pours with 10-15 seconds in between.  Coffee should finish draining by 3:15
  9. Take decanted brew, pour over ice and serve with optional fruit garnish of fresh peaches and/or lemon wheel. 
  10. Don’t forget to compost grounds and filter. Enjoy!