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That little guy in the middle of our logo is a cicada. Over the weekend, in our small corner of rural Wisconsin, we heard their loud humming drone for the first time this year. We'll embrace the significance of the timing here - cicadas symbolize rebirth and transformation. Fitting, as this week we're fully stepping into this next stage of our company, transformed and renewed.

While our name has changed we're still the same people, roasting the same coffee and committed to the same values. Our roastery is still 100% solar powered. We're still offering one of the industry's highest minimum price guarantees to our farmers.

Our new name is a celebration of the connection to place and community that has inspired our company since day one. Wonderstate is a state of mind. It's an open invitation to stay curious, spark connection and build integrity into our communities.  

We're excited for you to join us as we begin this new chapter.