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A bag of Bloom blend near a vase of tulips

Take Some Time for Bloom

Coffee: 30-40 grams (depending on the size of your French Press)
Water: 500-680 grams (temperature should be around 205, though off-boiling is just fine too!) 
Grind: Shoot for sea salt size particles, avoiding grinding really coarse or really fine! The best grind size is only a few steps coarser then typical drip coffee. 
Your brewing water should always be filtered to remove excessive minerals. Water that's too hard causes coffee to taste overblown and overly bitter. 

Basic French Press Recipe
  1. Grind coffee and load into empty French Press
  2. Pour in water (always shoot for a 1 part coffee to 17 parts water ratio) 
  3. Give this slurry a good stir with a spoon
  4. Allow this to brew for about 5-6 minutes 
  5. After this time, place the cap on the French Press and plunge
  6. Give the brew an extra couple seconds to allow the grounds to settle at the bottom to the brewer - pour and enjoy!
Expert Level French Press
  1. Grind coffee shooting for slightly coarser than pour over size grounds
  2. Bring your brewing water temperature to about 205 - you can use slightly lower temperature water to enhance acidity, or slightly hotter water to enhance texture (mouthfeel)
  3. Pour the water into the French Press, pouring slowly over every area of the coffee and then stirring aggressively following your pour until about 1 minute 30 seconds
  4. Allow the brew to rest till at least 6 minutes
  5. At 6 minutes, use a spoon to remove the built up grounds from the top of the French Press
  6. Plunge the French Press filter about half way down, avoiding disturbing the grounds at the bottom of the brew
  7. Enjoy with your favorite mug!