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kalita pour over

Organic La Independencia is a typical Colombian coffee in its light, tea-like aspects. Unlike other coffees from the region, its texture and flavors are deeper and richer. The tones of the fruit are nuanced and dance across your palate, changing as the coffee cools.

We used a Kalita Wave Dripper to express the depth and dynamic qualities. We decreased the water temperature in order to facilitate a slightly longer extraction, and increased the strength of this brew ratio. This recipe amplifies the red and purple fruit tones and pushes the rich dark-sugar tones to the forefront of the flavor. 


La Independencia on the Kalita Wave 

Water Temperature: 202-204f
Grind Size: Table salt or slightly coarser
Water to Coffee: 280 grams water to 18 grams coffee
Total Brew Time: 3:15-3:30 

Pour 1: Slowly introduce 50 grams of water, working from the back of the brewer to the front, moving the water in a zig-zag pattern instead of a circular motion, allow to sit for 40-45 seconds.

Pour 2: Introduce another 70-80 grams water, following the zig-zag pattern in a slightly aggressive fashion, still not pouring water too quickly but ensuring the entire brew-bed is thoroughly saturated.

Pour 3: Introduce another 70-80 grams, following the steps above.

Pour 4: Pour for the final time, reaching 280 grams around 2:15 minutes, give or take 10 seconds. Allow the water to slowly drain down, again searching for a 3:15-3:30 brew time (slightly longer than some recipes call for).

If your brew is too fast, try a slightly finer grind, and use a coarser grind if the brew is longer than 3:45. The goal is depth of fruit, depth of sweetness, and depth of texture or mouthfeel.