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Organic Colombia La Independencia


Dynamic & Nuanced

Notes of Bosc Pear, Dried Apple & Kiwi

Sweetly fragrant and decadently sweet with high-toned acidity, a rich, honeyed body and a dried apple finish.




Producers: Jose Pechene & Luz Amanda

1950 Meters
36 hour Dry Fermentation, Patio Dried
July 2021-Sept 2022
Agua Blanca, Inza

About the Producer

La Independencia is perched over the luscious valleys of the Rio Paez, and offers breath-taking views of the countryside. Jose Pechene and his wife Luz Amanda purchased the farm in 2005 after years of planning and saving. They live on a small twenty acre plot with their four children. Both Luz and Jose have a family history of coffee cultivation in Colombia and it's their hope that their kids can resume this way of life.

We first purchased their coffee in 2020 and got a glimpse of the potential that they’re cultivating. Over the last few years, their commitment to continual improvement and boundless curiosity have helped that potential become realized. We’re perennially scoring their coffee higher each year. This year, we got our hands on as much as we could- though being a small farm, it’s still a relatively small, precious lot.

About the Coffee

The coffee variety on this farm is called Colombia. Interestingly, there are now 13 different genetic varieties under the name “Colombia” that have been released by the Colombian Coffee Federation since the 1970s, so we're not entirely sure which specific strain this is. The seeds are, however, curiously large compared to other strains we've seen. The rows of coffee trees are situated at a very high altitude, which has created a brilliantly dense and sweet coffee with highly refined flavors. The relatively long 36 hour dry fermentation also adds dimension and fruitiness to the profile.

Why we love it

We are huge lovers of the coffees in and around Inza, but even more specifically the microzone called Agua Blanca, where this coffee is grown. Jose and Luz have produced a stunningly sweet and layered coffee that surprises with its elegance and soft, dried apple character. We are elated to be able to offer this standout microlot and equally excited to participate in the collective future shared between Joe and Luz, and you.

Jose Pechene & Luz Amanda

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