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Ok, so now you’ve had a chance to try a couple of variations of cold brew iced coffee. If you’re finding the results lacking compared to the sensory experience of drinking a hot coffee, fear not! There is still hope.

The final method in our iced coffee journey is an iced pourover or Japanese iced coffee. The general idea is to brew a hot concentrate straight over ice. The result is an iced coffee that retains a lot of the acidity and subtle flavors inherent to each coffee. This is the method most popular with black coffee drinkers and those who wish to experience the full range of flavors coffee has to offer.

What you’ll need:

Burr Grinder
Hot Filtered Water
Ice Cubes (made with filtered water)
Digital Scale
Hario V60 or other pourover cone
Vessel to brew into

27g Coffee
230g Hot Water
230g Ice

-Grind your coffee slightly finer than you would for a regular hot pourover.
-Rinse your filter and preheat your cone with hot water. Hold the cone over the sink while rinsing to avoid heating the vessel.
-Place the vessel full of ice and pourover cone on a scale. Tare.
-Add the coffee and tare.
-Start your timer and add enough hot water to bloom your coffee (about 60g)
-After :45 has passed, continue adding hot water slowly and gently.
-Try to get all of your water in by 1:45-2:00.
-Drowdown should be complete around 2:30 +/- :15.
-Swirl the coffee and ice until the coffee is fully chilled.
-Decant onto fresh ice to serve, holding back the melted ice.

Ideal coffee for this recipe:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Idido