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As you may have guessed, Colombia Fondo Paez is not only one of our favorite seasonal coffees but our longest producer partnership, which we wrote about here. We've put together a single-serve home brew recipe that brings out the lovely florality, tamarind, and pleasant sweetness. 

Here's how we brewed it in the lab:

17 grams of Fondo Paez, ground medium-fine
255 grams of water at 205 degrees
Hario V60 brewer  with filter


1. Add fresh, ground coffee to a rinsed filter and gently shake to make a level bed of coffee.

2. Bloom with 75g of water, fully saturating the coffee bed. Wait one minute.

3. Slowly pour in a thin, gentle, circular stream in the center of the ground bed until 255 grams.

4. Total brew time should be between 3:00-3:15 seconds.

Tasting Notes: Hibiscus, Tamarind & Mandarin Orange