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Organic Colombia Fondo Paez


Structured & Dynamic

Notes of Tangerine, Tamarind  & Floral

Syrupy sweet and incredibly aromatic with an effervescent intensity and a sweet core of candied red fruits.




1500-2200 Meters
Typica, Bourbon, Colombia, Castillo
On farm processing: Dry Fermentation, Washed, Parabolic, Raised Bed Dryers
April - July 2020
Popayan, Cauca

Fondo Paez Cooperative

We're pleased to once again offer a coffee from our longest standing partnership, Fondo Paez. Deep in the majestic mountains of the Colombian Andes, lies a unique landscape that produces coffee so magical, we almost can’t believe it ourselves. It is nearly unfathomable for a lot this size to compete with the highest scoring micro-lots in Colombia, but one again, Fondo Paez does just that. This year's harvest will prove to be one of the most beautiful coffees from all of South America.

Our founder TJ Semanchin first visited Fondo Paez in 2003, long before Wonderstate was a company. At that point in time, it wasn't safe to travel in the Cauca region due to a long-standing civil war between the Colombian government and FARC guerillas, but TJ took a leap of faith and became the first ever international visitor to the Cooperative. That first visit was the beginning of a deep partnership. Since then, we've made countless trips to sit down with the members of Fondo Paez. The Paez people form the largest indigenous group in Colombia, and they see coffee as a means of supporting their cultural traditions and heritage as well as healthy ecology and their economy.

This year, Wonderstate donated $10,000 to support supplies and workshops that are being organized by our importing cooperative, Coop Coffees. The trainings are geared towards improving soil health and fertility, combatting the fungus roya, and improving climate resilience. The funds are also being used to purchase and plant additional trees on the member farms. They provide valuable ecosystems for increased biodiversity and are meaningful sequesters of carbon dioxide, helping to offset a high percentage of our roastery's carbon footprint.

Back in 2008, Coffee Review scored our roast of Fondo Paez a 95 (the highest for any Colombian coffee that year), and in 2014 they scored it a 93. We find this year's harvest to be the best we've tasted from the group in years and count ourselves truly fortunate to be able to work with the farmers of Fondo Paez Cooperative.

Fondo Paez Cooperative

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