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We’re excited to share that our Organic Ethiopian Aramo Natural Process received a score of 94 points from Coffee Review. This coffee comes from the Aramo Cooperative in the heart of the Yirgacheffe region. Their cooperative is part of the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, which is made up of 23 member cooperatives representing more than 43,000 farmers. We’re delighted to partner with the Aramo Cooperative and this score is a recognition of their hard work on the ground to produce high quality coffee!


If you’ve never encountered a natural process coffee, it refers to coffee being dried immediately after harvest with its fruit intact. The resulting flavor can be a walk on the wild side. Aramo has plenty of that natural wildness, while still being delicate and clean with notes of plum, tamarind, and Earl Grey tea.

To learn more about this coffee and to order, visit here.