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Yes, the whole darn country. 

In two weeks, an all-women team of runners will embark upon a 7-marathon, 7-day journey along the shores of Lake Kivu in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to raise awareness and funds for the inspiring female coffee farmers, victims of violence and communities working toward stability in the region. The 187 mile run will culminate in Saveur du Congo, the first ever Congolese coffee cupping competition, a project organized by On The Ground, Kickapoo and our other dedicated partners. The cupping competition and the run will  celebrate the reemergence of the coffee industry in Eastern DRC.

Mel Evans, our fellow Cooperative Coffees member and co-owner of Conscious Coffees (Boulder, CO) is slated to be one of the amazing women undertaking on the 7 day journey. Check out her fundraising page here and make a donation. Mel you’re tough as nails, we can’t wait to see you at the finish line!

Speaking of the finish line, our own Caleb Nicholes will also be traveling to the DRC in order to participate in the last leg of the run, meet with Congolese coffee farmers and help facilitate the coffee cupping. He’ll be sending dispatches from the Congo along the way, so be sure to stay tuned to our instagram, twitter and facebook for updates.

We’re proud to be supporters of On the Ground and the Run Across Congo.