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Here's the long and short of it: our prices are going up.
But we're going to double down on what makes us wholly unique:
-sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee
-paying farmers more
-minimizing our environmental impact
-supporting social and environmental causes

    We here at Wonderstate  are so incredibly grateful for your continued support and appreciate your part in our pursuit of delicious coffee, produced responsibly.

    From the day we fired up our roaster in a little town on the ridge, it's been our goal to create exceptional coffee experiences. We are guided by our gratitude for coffee farmers and the land on which it is grown. In order to continue to source and roast these precious coffees and stay true to our commitment to pay farmers more, the price of Wonderstate coffee will increase, effective today, Aug. 5th.

    For all the simple pleasures of your morning coffee, peering down that deep, glossy surface looks down a supply chain that spans hemispheres -- from remote fields, through coastal ports, into a roaster, through a brewer and finally, into your cup. In recent years, moving incredible coffee through all those hands has gotten more expensive. It's not news to you -- materials, shipping, inflation and labor shortages have driven up costs nationally and we appreciate your understanding as we weather these changes.

    Thank you for being on this journey with us. We'll keep the roaster hot and the kettle on.