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Specific origins have been thrust into the coffee-consuming consciousness. Whether we know them from a reductive, but widespread marketing campaign like Colombia or they have a reputation as the breadbasket of all coffee like in Ethiopia, only a few countries have gleaned mass recognition. 

Beyond the typical chatter lies Peru, the unsung hero of coffee in the western hemisphere. Few places on earth have a mix of ingredients for incredible coffee as we've found on the steep slopes of the Andes: elevations as high as any coffee in the world, heirloom varietals protected by isolation and tradition, and forward-thinking cooperatives willing to take risks to elevate the quality of coffee and return for their farmer members. 

Our sourcing model leans heavily on the seasonality of coffee as the harvest moves around the equator, and right now, it's Peru's time to shine. Coffees are arriving weekly and have found their way into some of our core blends as well as some wonderfully unique, single origin micro lot releases. They'll run the gamut from deep, dark chocolate to far out and fruit-forward. 

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Let us help you find which unique expression of Peruvian coffee is right for you! Email us your at hello@wonderstate.com with any questions.