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A bag of Peru Gesha sits next to a yellow coffee cup

Peru San Fernando Tres Fincas Gesha on the V60

The Tres Fincas Gesha displays what we love best about this unique variety: fresh floral aromas, citrus and tropical fruit flavors, all enveloped in a honeyed-floral sweetness. We've created a brew guide for you to best pull out these exotic and nuanced flavors. 

For this brew, we're seeking to express the full range and dynamic tones of the Gesha variety. To do this, we'll use a 1:17 brew ratio. This is slightly softer than some of our previous recipes, though we find at this ratio the floral tones can open up alongside the tropical and citrus flavors. 

Coffee: 20g Peru Tres Fincas Gesha
Grind Size: table salt or slightly coarser
Water: 340g at 205 F

  1. Rinse V60, filter and vessel with hot water

  2. Add coffee grounds and bloom: pour 65 grams of water over the bed of coffee slowly and evenly, beginning at the center and moving towards the edges - avoid pouring onto the filter

  3. Wait 35-40 seconds, pour another 65-70 grams of water 

  4. At 1:10 pour another 65-70 grams water

  5. At 1:30 pour another 65-70 grams water

  6. At 1:50 pour up to 340 grams water - agitate the brew slightly using a spoon or by gently swirling the V60 to capture all the grounds in the brew

  7. Allow to fully drain, shooting for a stop time of 3 minutes - choose your favorite mug and enjoy!

We've found allowing the brew to rest for about 3-5 minutes before consuming can allow some of the aromatics to fully open up! This coffee will be best enjoyed from 10-30 days off roast. Brewing too fresh will limit the coffee’s flavor potential, while coffees brewed after 30 days will need a finer grind and slightly hotter water, though they can still taste very good! 


Additional Tips

We often brew using the Hario V60. While there are many really great pourover drippers available on the market, we believe the Hario V60 allows for the greatest balance of sweetness, texture, and acidity, which is something we strive for in each of our roasts. 

Filtered water is key. We use water filtered to around 40-60 parts per million. This is considered relatively soft water compared to what typically comes out of the tap. By using softer water, we're both extracting the ideal amount of flavor components from the coffee, which ultimately allows this coffee to shine and speak for itself! Harder water will yield deeper and roastier flavors, even in light roasts, so avoid using tap water or low-filtered water when brewing these especially delicate and nuanced coffees! 

Shoot for a total brew time around 3 minutes. We've found this brew time on the Hario V60 balances acidity and texture, whereas longer brews prioritize texture and depth, and shorter times will enhance acidity. This will vary greatly depending on your water. You should shoot for a shorter brew time if you're using harder water, and if you're using very soft water (or even Reverse Osmosis) you can potentially stretch your brew time upwards of 3:30 and still retain a lot of flavor-clarity. Ultimately, beginning with a 3 minute brew is ideal, and from there you can extend or shorten brew time by grinding finer or coarser to taste.