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bag of Driftless blend on a table

Organic Driftless. Smooth and deep flavors of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and warming baking spices. Named for the region our roastery calls home — where we work, play, roast and brew. Now Coffee Review knows what so many of our customers have known about our bestseller for years - it's downright delicious!  

Read the review: 92 Points on Coffee Review.

Why is this a big deal? Well, coffees that score this highly are often expensive and rare, not a coffee like Driftless, which is meant to please crowds from grandma's house to the white house. We knew we could've submitted a wilder, more expensive and less accessible coffee to glean a good score, but we wanted to see how our tried and true stacks up, and it seems Driftless has a pretty good view from up there. 

Coffee Review called Driftless "Deep-toned, richly sweet. Oreo cookie...lively, brisk acidity; lightly satiny mouthfeel. A hint of cumin surfaces in the cookie-sweet finish." This depth and nuance in the cup is no mistake. Here at the roastery, we create a unique and detailed roast profile for every single coffee we work with. No matter where it falls on the roast spectrum; from the brightest light roasts to the deepest dark roasts, we take roasting seriously. We fine tune each roast profile to be out the absolute best expression of each coffee, focusing on what techniques create superior flavors in the cup.

While roasting expertise and attention to detail can bring out the best traits of a coffee, we can't create something not there in the first place. That's why we carefully select coffees for their innate characteristics — like the exceptionally smooth, soft and chocolatey flavors of Peru San Fernando, which are expressed beautifully in Driftless. We've worked with the San Fernando Cooperative season after season and we've been elated by both their commitment to sustainable, organic production and their unique growing region. 

The farmers of San Fernando grow heirloom varieties instead of newer hybrids which provide smoother and rich cup qualities, instead of flavors that are overtly acidic or bitter, a common characteristic in most medium and dark roasts. This coffee is also grown on farms topping out at 2300 meters above sea level, making them some of the highest coffee farms in the world. At such intense elevations, coffee ripens slowly on the trees, lending deeper and richer sugar characteristics, resulting in a completely natural sweetness in the cup with every sip. 

While we roast coffee for the joy of the cup and the deeply satisfying connection to our farmer partners, it's been rewarding to receive 92 Points for Driftless Blend. As our best selling coffee, it validates the good taste of our incredible customers, and lights a fire in us to keep crafting delicious coffees and curated cafes where all are welcome. Welcome to the Wonderstate.

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