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For 15 years, our company was named Kickapoo Coffee. Originally intended to honor the Kickapoo River Valley we call home, our owners now recognize our use of the name as an appropriation of the Kickapoo Nation. To read more about our decision to change the name and the steps that followed click here.

On June 10th, we shared that due to inexcusable delays, we would be decoupling our name change announcement from our full rebrand. And on June 11th we shared our new name, Wonderstate Coffee, with the world.

In the coming months we will be transitioning all of our packaging and branded materials to reflect the rebrand and this new chapter. Our rebrand will be completed by August 3rd, as articulated in our April update.

For those curious as to the story behind the new name and our logo, we are excited to share more with you in the weeks to come. But for now, we can share a bit of copy pulled from our new bags:


Like the small Midwestern town we call home, we know you don’t have to be big to make an impression. That little bug in our logo is a cicada. Their big, ominous hum sparks a sense of mystery in us. Coffee isn't so different: there’s always more to it.

For us, great coffee has to serve a collective future. From guaranteeing higher pay for farmers, to supporting resilient agriculture & innovative ways of doing business, we’re working to do our part.

When you chance upon something good & find yourself awed: that’s the Wonderstate.