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What you'll need

- 1 -

Vacuum pot

- 2 -

Fresh, whole bean coffee

- 3 -


We recommend a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. A burr grinder provides a much more consistent grind resulting in a more even extraction and a better brew.

- 4 -


- 5 -


- 6 -

Filtered water

- 7 -

Heat source

- 8 -


- 9 -


The Vacuum pot, also known as a siphon, is an extremely effective method of brewing coffee. It requires a little patience and dedication, but with time and practice, the siphon can produce a cup of coffee to rival any out there. It is particularly effective for revealing the complexity and purity of coffee that comes forth in a lighter roast. This aspect makes it the choice brewing technique for many coffee aficionados.

Step one: Measure water

Measure the amount of water you will be using and place in the lower chamber of the siphon.

Step two: Begin heating water

Step three: Measure coffee

Measure out whole bean coffee. We recommend a 1:16 ratio of coffee to water. With this brew method, we advise using 10.5 grams of coffee for every 6 ounces of water.

Step four:

Step five: Grind coffee

Grind coffee on a medium grind.

Step six: Place upper chamber

Once the water in the lower chamber is near boiling, place the upper chamber back on the lower section being careful to allow for a tight seal between the chambers. This seal will create positive pressure that will force the water to begin traveling from the lower chamber to the upper, once it reaches a particular temperature.

Step seven: lower heat

When ¾ of the water has travelled to the upper chamber, lower your heating element to medium-low.

Step eight: Add coffee

Once nearly all the water has traveled to the upper chamber, add coffee and stir thoroughly to ensure all the coffee is saturated.

Step nine: Brew for 2 minutes

Step ten: Turn off heat

Turn off the heating element and remove from underneath the siphon.

Step eleven: Upper to lower

Allow coffee to travel from upper to lower chamber. Ideally, this process should take between 20-45 seconds. If the coffee travels too quickly or not quickly enough, adjust the grind accordingly.

Step twelve: Remove upper chamber

Remove upper chamber from the lower unit.

Step thirteen: Pour & Enjoy

Pour into a mug directly from the lower section and cheers to delicious coffee!