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What You'll need

- 1 -

French Press

- 2 -

Fresh, whole bean coffee

- 3 -


We recommend a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. A burr grinder provides a much more consistent grind resulting in a more even extraction and a better brew.

- 4 -


- 5 -


- 6 -


- 7 -

Water kettle

We recommend a gooseneck kettle, which allows for more control over your pour.

- 8 -

Filtered water

- 9 -


The French Press is one of our favorite brew methods, particularly on a chilly morning while wearing your slippers and making breakfast. We prefer a slightly finer grind and a faster brew, resulting in a sweet, clear cup with exquisite complexity.

Step one: Measure coffee

Measure your whole bean coffee, using a 15:1 ratio.

Step two: Heat water

Heat your water. Ideal brewing water will be between 203-210 F. If using a lighter roast, err on the side of hotter. Make sure to use filtered water.

Step three: Grind coffee

Grind your coffee. Use a grind more similar to a Chemex grind. Medium coarse. This will allow the water more access to all the amazing flavors within the bean.

Step four: Preheat

Preheat and Pour your water into the press. After 30 seconds, discard that water and add your grinds.

Step five: Pour

Add coffee to French Press. Pour your water into the press, and stir your grounds somewhat aggressively. This will agitate them and help a more even extraction.

Step six: Wait

Wait four minutes, then plunge the stopper down. Optionally, once plunge wait an additional minute for grounds to settle. This will provide a cleaner cup - more free of sediment.

Step seven: Plunge & Enjoy

Press down slowly and evenly on the plunger. Pour into your favorite mug and achieve the Wonderstate.