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At the Roastery

We have two jobs at the roastery: To source world-class coffee and to roast it to its fullest potential.

Throughout the year, we receive green coffee samples that we roast in our sample roaster and taste in our cupping lab. This allows us to compare and contrast coffees from around the world, documenting their quality profiles and informing our purchasing decisions.

Coffees come to us in sealed, plastic lined bags stacked on pallets that we store in an environment-controlled green coffee room. The taste of coffee changes as it ages in storage, so it’s important to have control over the storage environment.

From the green room, we weigh out our coffees and roast them in our 30 kilo, pre-WWII German Probat coffee roaster. The roaster is a combination of antique craftsmanship and high tech instrumentation outfitted with multiple heat sensors that give us accurate and replicable roast profiles.

We’re committed to bringing you the freshest in-season coffees available. That’s why many of our coffees are not available year round, and that’s also why we roast to order. Everyone from our coffee buyers to our coffee roasters and baristas is on a continual quest to refine our coffees, utilizing metrics and quality control protocols.

We host a free, public coffee tasting and tour at our roastery on the last Saturday of each month. For a complete schedule, visit our class schedule.

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