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Organic Colombia Agua Blanca


Fruited & Sweet

Notes of Raspberry, Baked Apple & Brown Sugar

A captivating range of flavors, with the fruitiness of baked apples and juicy red raspberries, finishing with a delectable brown sugar sweetness.




Producer: Agua Blanca Community

1600-2000 Meters
Caturra, Variety Colombia, Castilo, Typica, Bourbon
Classic washed and sun-dried on patios and raised beds

October - March 2024
Agua Blanca, Inza Municipality, Cauca Department

Colombian coffee is a true embodiment of extraordinary and earnest coffee, with its exceptional flavors, carefully hand-selected beans, and rich heritage. Grown in the picturesque landscapes of Colombia, where ideal conditions combine with passionate craftsmanship, this coffee delivers a captivating experience. 

The best Colombian coffees truly sing in the cup, striking the balance between sweet and cozy tones, as well as adventurous and exciting nuances that keep you guessing with each sip. This selection from the Água Blanca community does just that, with tones of ripe raspberry, alongside indulgent baked apple, and a deep and thorough finish of brown sugar. 

This particular selection comes to us from several producers, from the municipality of Inza, whose small family farms have produced coffee organically for years. Where many other areas of Colombia have switched to newer hybrid plant varieties, Inza is one of the few areas where heirloom variety trees still grow and thrive, preserving the inherent flavors of Colombian coffee we’ve come to know and love.

To get Agua Blanca, coffees from several producers were blended together based on quality and flavor to create something greater than the sum of their parts. By combining different lots from various farms, we are able to present a coffee that displays the unique flavors of Inza, while also attaining a nuanced and delicious cup that is smooth and so easy to drink.

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