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Organic Big Dipper


Rich & Fudgy

Notes of Fudge, Brown Butter & Vanilla Wafer

As iconic as its namesake & as dark as the night sky, this one loves a splash of milk. 

Producers: 67% Guatemala CODECH 23% Peru Colasay 




Big Dipper

Producer: San Fernando Cooperative and CODECH Cooperative

Region: Cusco, Peru and Huehuetenango, Guatemala

About Organic Big Dipper

For anyone who wants a big, round coffee with layers of bittersweet chocolate and a dreamy, rich body, this is your blend. As iconic as its namesake and as dark as the night sky, Big Dipper is a familiar standout.  A no-frills coffee that smacks of good taste, this is a blend to satisfy those coffee drinkers who are fond of bold, roasty flavors.

Like an old friend, Big Dipper makes us feel at home in the darkness of an early morning. French press, Aeropress, drip or espresso, however you like it Big Dipper pulls through. Our take on the classic Italian or French roast style many people fell in love with years back, this blend loves a big cup and hearty pour of cream. Our recommended espresso for a more traditional profile, Big Dipper holds up exceptionally well in milk and is ideal for lattes and milky coffee drinks.

With rich notes of fudge & brown butter, this coffee’s a surefire crowd pleaser. It may have a big name to live up to, but we think Big Dipper’s as glorious as the constellation itself.

Always a blend of our favorite coffees from Latin America, this dark roast goes well with cream and can be an exceptional choice for those cafes serving larger coffee drinks, which is to say Big Dipper holds up really well in milk.

It also satisfies those coffee drinkers who are fond of bold, roasty flavors and the classic Italian roast style that many people fell in love with years back.

Organic Big Dipper

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