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Organic Harvest Blend


Sweet & Layered

Notes of Dried Cherry, Maple Syrup & Vanilla

A thick, syrupy body is balanced by a maple candy sweetness with notes of dried fruits in the aftertaste.

Producer: 50% Guatemala La Unidad 50% Guatemala CODECH





1600-2100 meters
Caturra, Bourbon & Typica
On Farm Processing: Dry fermentation, Washed, Patio Drying


January - March 2022


La Unidad Cooperative; CODECH Cooperative

San Marcos & Huehuetenango Guatemala

About Harvest Blend

Brisk mornings and cool nights make for great coffee drinking weather. Maybe that's why we love fall so much here in the Driftless—it gives us one more reason to indulge in our quest for the perfect autumnal cup.

With all of our seasonal blends, we try to tip our hat to what's fresh and delightful, and this year's Harvest Blend is no different. A dynamic roast of two fresh crop arrivals from Guatemala: La Unidad, and CODECH. Both of these farmer-owned cooperatives are located in the remote highlands of Western Guatemala, only a short drive from the border of Mexico. We have been visiting and buying from both of these organizations for several years and they are consistently producing some of the most elegant coffees that we've tasted from anywhere in the country.

This year’s blend offers a distinct note of dried cherry with a maple syrup sweetness and a crisp, elegant finish. It is like putting on that well-worn sweatshirt on a cool morning. Perfection.


Perched high above the dusty streets of Concepción Huista in Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes -- the highest mountain range in Central America -- the Mayan farmers of the CODECH Cooperative grow exceptional coffee nestled amongst looming peaks. The cooperative is composed of four primary coffee producing associations, each representing four or five farming communities. Over the decade that we've been working with CODECH, we’ve honed in on coffees from three of their higher altitude associations: ADIPY, ADAT, and ADINTHEC. These associations collect coffee from the Canalaj and O'ejnhah communities, which are made up of indigenous Popti, Mam and Q’anjob’al branches of the Mayan family. Their growers honor the tradition of coffee farming in this region by primarily planting traditional varieties, giving their coffee a distinctive and nuanced flavor profile. These varieties and favorable altitude, paired with the farmers' attention to detail in the growing, harvesting and processing of these coffees, result in some of the best coffee Huehuetenango has to offer.  

About La Unidad

Located in the department of San Marcos in Western Guatemala, this is our third year purchasing from La Unidad Cooperative. The cooperative is a member of the larger exporting organization, Mano Campesinas, which our importing cooperative, Co-op Coffees has been working with since 1998. 

Of the co-ops that work with Manos, the membership of La Unidad is largely remote, which in many cases means higher elevations and more traditional, heirloom coffee varieties. High elevation slows the maturation of the coffee cherries, resulting in a more dense, sweet, and high-quality coffee. Traditional coffee varieties, while more vulnerable to la roya and the elements, offer a more dynamic, complex experience, which we love in our fresh, seasonal blends like Harvest. 

In the three seasons working with La Unidad and the decade partnering with CODECH, we've seen both of their coffees go from good to great season after season. We can't wait for you to taste this year's Harvest and the incredible harvests to come.

Harvest Blend

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