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Organic Bloom Blend


Vibrant & Confectionery

Notes of Blackberry, Maple Candy & Nougat

A dynamic blend of maple candy, nougat and juicy blackberry is balanced by well-structured, citrus acidity.

Ingredients: 100% Colombia Agua Blanca




1700-2000 meters
Caturra, Colombia, Bourbon
Dry Fermentation, Washed, Raised Bed Drying
June-September 2020
Inzá, Cauca


In the bloom of spring, everything feels new. A robin’s call and the buttery yellow of a flowering daffodil jolts us from our frozen slumber. Soft, green leaves burst from their buds. The sun creeps out, windows are cracked open, and life rushes in.

This year’s Bloom Blend features a coffee from one of our most exciting new relationships of the past few years: the Pillimue Farmers Group. They are a group of 56 dedicated farmers from the province of Inzà in Southwestern Colombia and are in their second year of organically certified production. We have been floored by the quality of the coffees we've been tasting from the producers of this area.

Bloom is a blend of three incredible lots from Inzà: two from Agua Blanca and one from the nearby municipality of Santa Theresa. These lots were assembled and organized by the Pillimue family who've been thoughtfully collaborating with the local, small-scale producers for several years.

The reputation of coffee from this tiny valley in the verdant mountains of Cauca has truly blossomed as more farms are becoming certified organic. With notes of blackberry, maple candy and nougat, you'll be hard-pressed to find a coffee that captures the flavors of the season quite like Bloom.

This is our second release of the season from Inzá and comes to us from the Pillimue Farmers Group, an unofficial association of neighbors organized by the Pillimue family. Inzá’s isolation has allowed it to retain a more traditional coffee landscape, preserving varieties that can often no longer be found in much of the country. And this coffee features some of our favorites.

A collection of lots grown primarily in the villages of Belen, San Antonio and Agua Blanca, Organic Colombia Inza Belen also represents an experiment in sorting by seed size. We worked closely with our exporter, Pergamino, to separate out individual bags, giving us the unique opportunity to taste by screen size. Like hearing an individual note in a chord, this gives us a cup that’s crisp and articulate. We’ve also found that greater uniformity in seed size improves evenness and consistency when we roast, allowing us to find that perfect sweet spot for each batch.

Our engagement with coffee quality doesn’t start with roasting, and this year's seed separation is just one example of how we can work with our partners to push quality forward together.

Pillimue Farmers Group

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