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Organic Bloom Blend


Vibrant & Confectionery

Notes of Honeycrisp Apple, Praline & Citrus

Playful tones of apple and confectionary sweetness of praline, finishing with a crisp snap of fresh citrus.

Ingredients: 50% Colombia Fondo Paez, 50% Peru El Puquio




Organic Bloom Blend

1600-2200 meters
Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Pache & Catimor
Dry Fermented, Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
July-December 2022
Colasay, Cajamarca and Popayan, Cauca

Bloom is here! This year’s blend is a sheer delight with playful and juicy apple tones, followed by confectionery sweetness reminiscent of pralines, and finishing with the crisp snap of fresh citrus. 

Maybe it’s the coffee or maybe it’s the promise of warmer days ahead, but we couldn’t be more excited about Bloom’s arrival. This year, we created a blend with two of our favorite fresh crops of the season: Colombia Fondo Paez and Peru Colasay. We've been working with the Fondo Paez Cooperative for more than 17 years and their coffee always delivers something special. The small association of farmers in Colasay hail from a high elevation, extremely remote part of Northern Peru. In this region, they grow exceptional lots from a unique bourbon variety that has been thriving in the area for several decades.

Our sourcing model centers on forging and maintaining partnerships for the long run. Plants grow best when they're nurtured, and our relationships with producers are the same. An agreement to mutual benefit - delicious, quality coffee for us and equitable, transparent, and ever-rising pay for our farmers. 

Seasonal coffees like Bloom are meant to highlight the best of what's in season. In the bloom of spring, everything feels new. So when you crack the windows that first time to let new life rush in, be sure to plant, nurture, bloom, and enjoy!

Organic Bloom Blend

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