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While we’re generally not ones to toot our own horns, it’s tough to keep our yaps shut when we get Coffee Reviews like these all in the same week.

Our three newest coffees — Ethiopian Banko Natural, Ethiopian Hama and Kenya Mathew Mugo — all received 90+ scores on Coffee Review last week. Check out the snippets below and give ‘am a click to read the full reviews.

Ethiopian Banko Natural (94): An unusually deep and dessert-like version of the great fruit-and-flowers Yirgacheffe profile.”

Ethiopian Hama (91): Delicate, lemony and floral, sweet yet dry, this coffee may particularly appeal to lovers of analogous styles of white table wines.”

Kenya Mathew Mugo (94): “Sweetly and richly tart acidity; syrupy, lively mouthfeel. The peach, tangerine and rose notes carry into a pleasingly tart finish.”