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Flash brews are our cure for those sticky, hot days here in the Driftless. Oftentimes, cold brew and other methods can flatten the flavor profile of the final product. However, making iced coffee via flash brew is arguably the best way to brew a cold bev while maintaining the character of the coffee. Here's how we're brewing our new Ethiopia Chelbessa Danche to make sure the incredible fruit and floral tones shine bright. 

1. Begin by rinsing your filter to remove any paper taste.
2. Fill the carafe with 120-130 grams of ice.
3. Grind the 30g of coffee to table-salt fineness.
4. Pour the coffee into your dripper of choice.
5. Begin by pouring 90g of water heated to 205f, allow this to "bloom" for 1 full minute. Stir the slurry with a spoon to ensure all the grounds are fully saturated.
6. At 1 minute, slowly pour up to 200g water.
7. At 1:40, slowly pour up to 320g water.
8. Allow the coffee to drop completely till the brew-bed is dry. The remove the dripper and add ice to the carafe. Give it a swirl, and pour into your favorite cup.