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We've been thinking about those on the frontlines. About the incredible individuals and organizations holding our local communities together and putting themselves at risk in the process.

Healthcare workers, surely. Those heroes who wear scrubs instead of capes.⁠ But also our grocery store clerks, mail carriers, food pantry volunteers, teachers, the list goes on and on. ⁠

In the last few weeks, the coffee community has come together to rally for those on the frontlines. From hot coffee deliveries to hospitals to virtual tip jars for service industry workers, coffee roasters and cafes across the country have moved swiftly and creatively to show up how they can.

Read on for our current initiatives and please feel free to reach out to hello@kickapoocoffee.com if you have any suggestion for how we can better serve our community during this challenging time. We recognize that as a rural roaster with only one of our three cafes located in a bustling metropolitan area, the ways in which we can offer support might need to look a little different. 


Head to our cafes' online store and purchase coffee, bakery items, or food at our Viroqua or Milwaukee cafe to be donated to local organizations and businesses working at the frontlines of the pandemic. Show your gratitude to those working to keep us safe and healthy while supporting your local coffeeshop––two birds, one scone!

Past recipients include the Milwaukee public transit authority (MCAT) and the Vernon Memorial Hospital in Viroqua.

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There are countless unsung heroes in this difficult time. As a company that regularly ships coffee across the country, we began to wonder how we could help recognize the organizations, small businesses, and individuals our community of customers and friends are rallying for during this time. 

Every week through the thick of this crisis, we're posting a call for nominations on our Facebook and Instagram for the heroes you'd like us to send coffee to. We select ten recipients from your nominations, send them a kilo of coffee and promote their work across our platforms.

Previous recipients have included hospitals, food banks, grocery store clerks, individuals sewing masks at home, mail carriers, and even a milk truck delivery driver.

A bag of coffee may not be much, but together we can raise awareness, celebrate our local heroes and help fuel the work of those on the frontlines.

Nominate your local community heroes on this week's post!

Full Cups for Community

1 Subscription = 1 Bag Donated

Through Wednesday April 22nd, we're doubling down on our #kilosforcommunity campaign and donating a bag of coffee for every new subscription placed during that time, or up to 100 lbs. If you have suggestion for a worthy recipient organization, feel free to reach out to hello@kickapocoffee.com.

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