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Organic Peru San Fernando Tres Fincas Gesha


Floral & Intricate

Notes of Key Lime, Papaya & Wildflower Honey

Heralded by the coffee team as the best coffee they've tasted so far this year, this gorgeously fruited Gesha has a ripe and intense acidity of key lime, followed by plush tropical tones of papaya, finishing with nectar-like sweetness of wildflower honey.

See how our lab brewed this special coffee on the V60.


Coffee Review gave this coffee a score of 95! Read the full review here.

*This coffee is being roasted weekly, so you may notice the Roast Date suggests your coffee is aged more than you'd typically expect from us (it should arrive to you between 1-7 days aged).

While we remain committed to delivering the freshest possible coffee, this particular gesha lot shines after a few days of degassing, letting the aromatics and lime-like acidity become much more pronounced 3-4 days post-roast.




Producer: San Fernando Cooperative

2000-2450 Meters
Dry Fermented, Washed and Dried on Raised Beds
September-January 2023
Incawasi, La Convencion, Cusco

San Fernando Tres Fincas Gesha gives us exactly what we are looking for from the heralded varietal: lush, fragrant, floral aromas like honeysuckle and citrus blossom, a crisp key-lime acidity, and a captivating tropical fruit finish. This coffee conjures moments of wonder with every sip. 

This past October, we flew to Peru to visit one of our strongest producer partnerships. It took a number of flights and 12 hours of driving over two rugged mountain ranges on some of the most treacherous roads we’ve ever seen. At the end of the road, we finally reached the sleepy town of Amaybamba, home of the San Fernando Cooperative, which we regard as some of the most talented, consistent, and dynamic coffee producers in all of Peru. 

Most farms surrounding San Fernando nurture the varieties we know and love, but a growing number are producing one of the most delicious, mysterious and award-winning varieties in the entire world: Gesha. It originated in Ethiopia, but is now grown in small pockets around the Americas. During our visit, we were able to visit a handful of farms producing truly decadent and flavorful Geshas. Thanks to the collaboration with the cooperative, we were able to air-freight several boxes of the highest quality Gesha lots -- produced by three different farms: Sol Naciente, Sillapata, and San Augustin -- directly to our roastery in Viroqua. This allows us to preserve the freshest flavors possible, giving you an unforgettable tasting experience. We're the only roastery in the world with the privilege to highlight the combined efforts of the San Fernando Cooperative, and the farmers who produced this lot. Enjoy.

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