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Organic Peru La Guava


Sweet & Elegant

Notes of Honey, Starfruit & Pear

This coffee is bursting with honey-like sweetness, round syrupy body and finishes with complex fruits of Anjou pear and starfruit.




Producer: Alex Cabrera

1950 meters
Yellow Caturra
Dry Fermented, Washed, Raised Bed Dried
June-Agust 2021
El Progreso

Alex Cabrera

About the Producer:

This coffee comes from Alex Cabrera and his three hectacre farm, Finca La Guava. We first discovered La Guava in 2018 while visiting our partners at Origin Coffee Lab. After tasting hundreds of samples on that trip, La Guava was among our favorites. We asked that Origin isolate the farm's very small production so we were able to offer La Guava for the first time that spring. Three years later, we're excited to bring this coffee back after having had the chance to spend time with Alex this past fall. He's an earnest and light-hearted person with a big personality and is always eager to crack the next joke. He has served as president of the nearby Valle Verde Cooperative, which helps support the commercialization of several hundred small-scale coffee producers from all over Northern Peru.

About the Coffee:

Alex cultivates yellow caturra, which is largely unique to Northern Peru and is one of our favorite varieties. Yellow caturra is extremely sweet and distinct, consistently scoring higher than the more common red caturra. In addition to this amazing variety, Alex has one of the higher elevation farms in the area, situated at almost 2000 meters above sea level. The cooler temperatures at this high elevation slows maturation of the coffee cherries, causing added sweetness and a complex elegance to the cup that you cannot find at lower altitudes. 

Why we love it:

Over the years we’ve scaled the Andes in rattling trucks to taste countless cups of coffee. Through those journeys we’ve been able to hone in on the specific regions and individual farmers whose coffee sparks excitement, intrigue, and a true “taste of place”. This is one of those unique coffees that inspires us. In addition to the unique microclimate, Alex puts a lot of attention and care into his cherry harvesting and processing. The resulting flavor is superbly sugary, floral and distinctive. We notice a honey-like sweetness with distinct notes of Anjou pear and star fruit. This is another example of the incredible Relationship Coffees that help to make our single origin menu better than ever before. We hope you enjoy it!

Alex Cabrera

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