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Organic Peru Estrella Divina


Syrupy & Delicate

Pluot, White Raspberry & Chardonnay

Super sweet and slightly fruity, this coffee has a bouquet of delicate white raspberry, pluot, and red plum flavors with a buttery, chardonnay-like body.




Productores de Estrella Divina

1600-2000 Meters
Catura, Typica, Bourbon, Pache & Catimor
Farm level Processing: Dry Fermented, Washed, Dried on Patios & Raised Beds
June-September 2021
La Coipa, Cajamarca

Productores de Estrella Divina

About the Producer

Estrella Divina, or “Divine Star,” is the name of a small community found within La Coipa, an extremely high altitude growing region of San Ignacio, Peru. Cultivating coffee in the thin mountain air, the community is made up of a patchwork of small farms, each averaging no more than a modest 25 bags of coffee per year. This is our third year buying from the group and we are very excited to be offering it on our menu once again. For the past few years, our partners at Origin Coffee Lab have worked closely with a group of quality-focused producers in Estrella Divina to offer training to refine their post-harvest processing, as well as provide financing and better access to markets. This particular lot is made up of coffees from just 35 of those producers, whose coffee showcases a distinct fruitiness that we loved on our last trip there this year. By investing in quality, Origin Coffee Lab is able to offer their farmer partners a premium for their coffee and support the future of specialty coffee in the region.

About the Coffee

With a sweet and slightly fruity profile, Peru Estrella Divina is exceptionally layered. At these lofty altitudes, the cherries ripen more slowly, concentrating the sugars in the seed and creating a more complex cup. Farmers in this region also often “hold cherry” overnight, an uncommon practice where the freshly picked cherries are sealed in a bag for up to 24 hours before starting the washing process which imparts a subtle fruit flavor. These nuances combine to add a little something extra to an already delicious coffee.

Why We Love It

This is a coffee that just hits you with elegance and downright class. It has these gorgeous, fruity overtones of ripe plum, white raspberries, and a white-wine note, reminding us of unoaked Chardonnay. The added contact time with the fruit softens the brightness and adds a level of sweetness that is just so darn appealing. It is like biting into a fresh honeycomb and chasing it down with one of the best raspberries you have ever tasted. Just lovely.

Productores de Estrella Divina

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