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Organic Mexico Ucanoch


Mellow & Rich

Notes of Fudge, Orange & Vanilla Wafer

Thick and fudgy, complemented by layers of vanilla sweetness and a touch of orange in the balanced finish.




1250-1600 meters
Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
Farm-Level Processing, Dry Fermentation, Washed, Patio Dried
November 2019 - January 2020
Sierra Madre Oriental, Chiapas

Ucanoch Cooperative

A series of small farmer lots, Organic Mexico Ucanoch offers a panoramic taste experience that charts the movement from farm to farm across the mountainous landscape of Chiapas. While it is our first release from Mexico in a few years, we have been visiting and purchasing coffee from Chiapas since the early 2000s. Known for its chocolatey profile and well balanced acidity, some of our favorite coffee in Mexico are grown in this gem of a state in southern Mexico, just bordering Guatemala.

This our first year partnering with the Ucanoch Cooperative. The cooperative’s network of 1700 farmer-members extends into some of our favorite zones of the Sierra Madre Oriental, a mountain range that stretches dramatically along the coast. The landscape here is striking. Rocky, jagged mountains abut expansive valleys to reveal breathtaking vistas. And its severity is matched the extremes in climate; exaggerated seasonal climates move from scorching hot days to cool mountain evenings and swing from extremely dry to intensely wet and humid during the rainy season. This landscape of contrasts makes for a patchwork of distinctive microclimates and ecologies, the unique imprint of which can be tasted in the coffee cultivated in its mineral-rich soil.

This season Ucanoch delivered a number of intensely sweet, single farmer lots we couldn’t possibly pass up. The lots were quite small, so we decided to release them as a series under the cooperative’s name. While the general coffee profile is similar among Ucanoch’s farmer-members, the taste experience of each farmer’s harvest, like each farm it represents, is uniquely its own.

We are now into the second farmer lot from producer Daniel Villatoro Hernandez and his lovely, 2.5 hectare farm Segunda Melina. Daniel's family scale farm has an altitude just over 1200 Meters and is planted exclusively with 55 year old heirloom Caturra. His delightful coffee bursts with sweetness and juicy flavors of candied lemon, fall honey, & toffee.

Ucanoch Cooperative

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