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Organic Mexico Grapos Reserva


Dense & Fudgy

Notes of Cocoa Nibs, Meyer Lemon & Nougat

Deeply sweet and elegant with a candy bar sweetness, thick mouthfeel and a soft, fudgy aftertaste.




1400-1600 Meters
Caturra, Bourbon, Marsellesa & Typica
On Farm Processing, Dry Fermentation, Patio Dried
January-March 2021
Siltapec, Chiapas

Grapos Cooperative

We've been sourcing coffee from Chiapas, Mexico since our earliest days here at Wonderstate. The incredibly sweet and delicious character of this unique region has kept us coming back season after season. This year, we've zeroed in on the Grapos Cooperative and are excited to be working with them for the first time.

The original 70 members of the cooperative came together in 2007 and have since continued to generate social and economic development for their members. This unique lot comes from the specific municipality of Siltipec -- or “Hill of Snails”--in the regional language of Nahuatl. To create this lot, we combined the harvests of four farmers from the community of Llano Grande: Normahi Alexander Angel Roblero, Odivel Lopez Roblero, Ewler Ortiz Bartolon, and Wilmar Barrios Gonzalez.

Like many of our farmer partners, these producers operate high elevation farms smaller than 6 acres -- a farm size that is about the same as the average stateside farmer's market grower's. It requires a tremendous amount of work and infrastructure to trace and compile lots from such a tiny community and group of dedicated producers. We are extremely grateful to our exporting partners, Cari Coffee, who have been doing an outstanding job making lots like these possible.

This is our second of three outstanding coffee releases from Mexico this growing season. Until the next one, we'll be loving Grapos Reserva's notes of cocoa nibs, meyer lemon, and nougat. Cheers!

Grapos Cooperative

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