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Organic Ethiopia Idido Wegida Natural


Fruity & Floral

Notes of Blueberry, Jasmine & Lemon Zest

Distinctly Idido, with its lovely white flower overtones supported by generous flavors of blueberry compote and a dynamically citric aftertaste.




1900-2400 meters
Kurume, Wolisho & Heirloom Varieties
Natural Process: Whole Cherries Dried in Thin Layers on Raised Beds for 14-20 Days
November 2019 - January 2020


This freshly-landed lot comes from Idido, one of our favorite coffee-producing hamlets located within the celebrated Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. While we have released coffees from the Idido area for years, this is the first time we've partnered with local coffee farmer Abiyot Ageze, who owns a private washing station in the town of Wegida.

The remarkable profile of this coffee is the result of Idido's climate, specific varietal concentration and processing. Often, farms contain a peppered assortment of varietals, while this mountainous area contains a high occurrence of the tiny and complex kurume. When paired with a cooler-than-average, high-elevation microclimate, these coffee cherries are poised to create a richly nuanced expression of flavors even before processing begins.

Our lot from Wegida is also naturally processed, which means the beans are dried with the fruit intact, allowing the coffee cherry to cure like a raisin before being washed. This process enhances a coffee’s inherent fruity flavors and adds depth and dimension.

When we first tasted Abiyot’s coffees this year, we knew there was potential for a greater partnership between us. With a distinct florality and clear notes of lemon verbena, currant and jasmine, this coffee reminds us of why we fell in love with Idido in the first place.

Idido Wegida Washing Station

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