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Organic Ethiopia Halo Hartume


Bright & Distinctive

Notes of Floral, Honeydew & Green Apple

Lovely, floral aromatics are matched with a honeyed sweetness and flavors of melon and a snappy, green apple finish.




1950-2250 meters
JARC Varieties: Kurume (74110), Wolisho (74112), & Heirloom Varieties
Wet fermentation (36-48 hours), washed, raised bed drying 10-14 days
December 2019-January 2020
Halo Hartume, Gedeb

Haile Figa Washing Station

An eight hour drive South from Addis Ababa will take you to the famous coffee town of Yirgacheffe. To get to Halo Hartume, you will drive another two hours South into the heart of Gedeb, and in the middle of some of the highest elevations for coffee in the world.

The countryside here is vast with expansively rolling hills and dry, clay-red dirt. Haile Figa built his Halo Hartume washing station in 2018 with the hope of purchasing coffee from the nearby farmers in the community. He procures freshly picked cherries from some 476 small-holder farmers who live on very small farms dotting the hills around the washing station.

The region of Gedeo in southern Ethiopia is known for the quality of its coffees. The woredas (districts) of Yirgacheffe and Kochere in Gedeo, became the go-to areas for buying sweet, floral, and citiric coffees more than 30 years ago, and the whole region of Gedeo for years was simply classified as "Yirgacheffe" coffee. Over the last decade, however, more distinction has been given to each area, and the southern-most woreda (district) Gedeb, has become a new hot spot for coffee quality in Gedeo.

Haile, a native of Gedeb, started his journey in the coffee industry 12 years ago and still describes it as a success built on a strong foundation of relationships with the surrounding community.

This beautiful washed lot is a testament to the amazing quality that is possible in Southern Ethiopia. The coffees here are near and dear to our hearts. Each time we taste this uniquely floral profile, we are taken back to Gedeb and the incredible people who make these coffees possible.

Haile Figa Washing Station

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