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Organic Decaf Guatemala Ixil


Honeyed & Soft

Notes of Fall Honey, Maple & Cocoa

Sweet notes of Fall honey and maple with a generous body and a soft, cozy finish.




Catura, Typica, Bourbon, Catimor
Farm-Level Processing, Dry Fermentation, Washed, Patio Dried
January 2020 -March 2020
Ixil, Quiché

In specialty coffee, using the word decaf solicits a myriad of responses, most of which are negative. The prevailing stereotype is that decaf coffees are flat, flavorless and unrepresentative of their original characteristics. But our decaf coffees are a different story.

We use in-season, organic coffees that are decaffeinated with the Mountain Water Process as well as the CO2 process. Unlike many decafs on the market that employ chemicals in this process, these processes gently remove caffeine in a pure water solution that floats coffee oils to the surface (caffeine included), filters out the caffeine, and reintroduces the original oils to the green coffee. The result is a great coffee, no qualifiers.

We love keeping a single origin decaf coffee on our menu as the global harvests ebb and flow. It gives decaf lovers an opportunity to enjoy the nuances and unique flavor profiles of a given region.

Our latest, fresh crop, single origin decaf is from the Chajulense Cooperative. A longtime partner of our importing cooperative, Cooperative Coffees, Chajulense was founded in 1988 by 40 founding farmers in the Ixil region of Guatemala. Its membership now includes over 1300 families, producing corn, and beans in addition to coffee.

Since its inception, the primary objective of the Chajulense Cooperative is “promote a sustainable development model that is environmentally sound, economically feasible, fair from a social point of view and appropriate from a cultural standpoint." We are excited to be teaming up with such a dedicated group of coffee farmers.

Chajulense Cooperative

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