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Organic Decaf Ethiopia Chelbessa


Sweet & Dynamic

Notes of Jasmine, Cocoa & Citrus

A lovely, soft mouthfeel paired with a honey-like sweetness, round body and hint of jasmine on the finish.




Producer: SNAP Washing Stations

1900-2300 Meters
Ethiopia Landrace 74112, 74110 & Heirloom Varieties
Mountain Water Processed Decaf
November 2020- January 2021
Worka Chelbessa, Gedeb

SNAP Washing Stations

About the Producer

Harvested at the peak of ripeness, this coffee comes to us from a private washing station in Worka Chelbessa, Ethiopia. Chelbessa is one of the largest Kebeles [towns] in Gedeb, a county tucked within the renowned Yirgacheffe region. Thought to be the seedstock of all coffee, the Ethiopian heirloom varieties grown in Yirgacheffe have been cultivated for centuries, rooting the coffee in a rich history and an almost mythic quality. 

The Chelbessa Washing Station is run by our friends at SNAP. SNAP partners with some 486 smallholder farmers in and around Chelbessa to sort, process, and export their coffees. We first visited this washing station in 2020 just before the pandemic hit and have been very impressed with the coffees coming from this community in the last few years. The community's dedication to their craft is apparent when you sift through the cherries at harvest. Consistency in picking is some of the best we’ve seen, yielding an incredibly pristine crop. 

About the Coffee

The care in cultivation is matched by the attention brought to processing. At the washing station, a team of professional coffee processors attend to every detail. Beginning by removing the skin and fruit from the seed, the coffee is then submerged underwater for 48 hours. This extended underwater fermentation slightly germinates the coffee seeds, a process unique to Ethiopia. After soaking, the coffee is carefully dried on raised beds, ensuring a slow and even drying.

This lot was decaffeinated with the Mountain Water Process. Unlike many decafs on the market that employ chemical solvents to extract caffeine, this gentle process is organic certified, using only water and heat. Once the caffeine is removed it is gently filtered out of the solution and dried back down to a stable level, around 11% moisture. 

Why We Love It

We love keeping a single origin decaf on our menu for our customers. When you mention decaffeinated coffee in the world of specialty coffee, one might assume a flat and flavorless, brown beverage. This beautiful offering from Ethiopia tells a different story. Look out for a honey-like sweetness, round, syrupy body with soft notes of florality and a citrusy finish. Enjoy!

Snap Washing Stations

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