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Organic Colombia Fondo Paez


Structured & Dynamic

Notes of Bing Cherry, Citrus  & Cacao Nibs

Syrupy sweet and incredibly aromatic with an effervescent intensity and a sweet core of candied red fruits.




1500-2200 Meters
Typica, Bourbon, Colombia, Castillo
On farm processing: Dry Fermentation, Washed, Parabolic, Raised Bed Dryers
April - July 2022
Popayan, Cauca

Fondo Paez Cooperative


Our relationship with the Fondo Paez Cooperative is the longest-standing producer partnership we have. The outstanding coffees grown by this stalwart group of farmers have been both the backbone of our single-origin program for nearly 15 years and the model from which we've built our sourcing program. In 2004, Wonderstate co-owner, TJ Semanchin, took a chance in visiting Fondo Paez during a time when the Colombian countryside was ravaged by a longstanding war between the government and FARC guerillas. He became the first-ever coffee buyer to meet with the cooperative, and with that visit, a partnership was forged.

The 550 farmers of Fondo Paez are passionate about growing high-quality, ecologically responsible coffee in tandem with a larger strategy to achieve their ambitious goals as a community. The Paez is the largest indigenous group in Colombia and won constitutional control of their ancestral lands in the early '90s. Through coffee, the Paez work to support a sustainable economy and ecology, but most importantly, the preservation of their cultural traditions. 


Located deep in the Colombian Andes, the producers of Fondo Paez are nestled in a unique landscape that yields quality on par, or exceeding that of micro-lots anywhere in Colombia. In addition to maintaining their cultural traditions, the Paez have also embraced traditional coffee varietals throughout their membership. Typica and bourbon are predominant and greatly contribute to the overall quality of their harvest year after year. While these varieties are more susceptible to destructive environmental factors like La Roya (a coffee fungus), careful planting, picking, and organic production make these varietals an achievement both on the farm and in the cup. 


Our partnership with Fond Paez is a success story of consistently delicious coffee and a mutually beneficial producer relationship we hope to replicate with every farm visit and coffee sample that we cup in the lab. This coffee has been recognized multiple times with 90+ scores by Coffee Review -- placing it in rarefied company within the coffee world -- and is always one of our favorite coffees to hit the roaster. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Fondo Paez Cooperative

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