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Kenya Mbeguka


Bright & Dynamic

Notes of Red Currant, Raspberry & Raw Sugar

Sweet, tart, red currant and raspberry flavors are balanced by lovely, raw sugar sweetness with a generous, round mouthfeel and a sparkly aftertaste.




Producer: Mbeguka Estate

1650 meters
5,000 trees of SL28 & 200 trees Ruiru 11
Dry Ferment, Wash, Overnight Soak, Raised Bed Drying
October - December 2021
Kibugu Village, Embu County

Mbeguka Estate

About the Producer

When we first tasted coffee from Kithinji Karibu's farm, Mbeguka, we immediately fell in love and we've been buying Karibui's coffee ever since. The Mbeguka estate is located five hours north of Nairobi on the southern slopes of the verdant Mt. Kenya. 

In 1998, Kabiru built a small washing station on his farm, making Mbeguka quite unique in Kenyan coffee. Generally, farmers deliver their harvests to large washing stations where their lots are blended together creating larger, more generic lots. We've loved the opportunity to work with a single, traceable producer and to be able to purchase the majority of his coffee. 

Kabiru manages his crop intensively – amending the soil with natural, manure fertilizer and hand weeding constantly throughout the growing season. As cherries ripen during the harvest, Kabiru and his crew pick coffee in six to seven harvests to ensure that only the ripest, sweetest fruit finds its way into the fermentation tanks.

About the Coffee

In 1983, Kabiru planted 5,000 trees of the famous SL28 variety, which is unique to Kenya. This amazing variety was isolated from Ethiopian seedstock by Scott Laboratories in the early 1920s and its distinctive flavor profile is one the reasons Kenyan coffee is so special. While the majority of farmers in Kenya have a blend of varieties, Kabiru grows and harvests the coveted SL28 almost exclusively. 

Why we love it

Once harvested, cherries are processed using a small pulper and a unique fermentation method wherein remnants of the cherries are allowed to ferment with the coffee. This adds a unique sweetness and elegant fruitiness that we've come to expect from Mbeguka. In 2020, we invested $1,000 into the farm to help build new drying beds which will help the coffee dry more evenly and efficiently.

Given the above, this coffee has every chance to be exceptional, and we weren't surprised that our roast won a Good Food Award in 2020. Don’t miss out on this unique convergence of amazing terroir, unique processing, and one of the best coffee varieties in the world. Enjoy!

Mbeguka Estate

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