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Burundi Kibingo


Complex & Articulate

Notes of Raspberry, Plum & Spice

Plum and spice aromatics give way to a dried fruit sweetness, brisque acidity and a punchy finish.




1800-2100 Meters
Red Bourbon & Jackson
Underwater Fermentation (48 hours), Washed, 10 Hour Soak in Fresh Water. Dried on Raised Beds
May 2020-July 2020

Kibingo Washing Station

This is our fifth year purchasing coffee from the Kibingo Washing Station. The station is set high in the mountains of the Kayanza district in Burundi, just south of the border of Rwanda. During the harvest season - day in and day out - a professional team of coffee processors sort, depulp, ferment and dry coffee cherries delivered by 3,500 farmers working the surrounding area.

Coffee grown in Kayanza is almost exclusively the red bourbon variety, a darling of the specialty coffee world renowned for its sweet and clean cup. Paired with Kayanza’s high altitude and favorable climate, the region is able to produce some of the world’s best coffee.

Kibingo is a part of a group of washing stations owned and operated by our partners at Greenco, an organization that has elevated coffee quality in the Kayanza district through their dedication to outstanding coffee processing. Every year, coffee from Greenco’s washing stations grace the top ten spots of the famed Burundi Cup of Excellence. This year, we were able to purchase small lots from two of Greenco’s washing stations - Kibingo and Nemba. Coffee from Kibingo has a complex palate, with layered flavors of black raspberry, citrus and spice. The best brews reveal a beautiful sweetness paired with distinctly bright acidity and a unique florality.

Kibingo is one of only a few washing stations to achieve Rainforest Alliance Certification, and they continually strive to improve the livelihoods and local environment for the several thousand members working with the station. Greenco operates the station in collaboration with Sucafina, our importing partner, to administer business and financial literacy training. Sucafina’s non-profit has also helped us administer and organize livestock distribution into these communities. This is our fourth year that we are able to donate goats to the communities of Nemba and Kibingo.

Kabingo reveals its layered complexity with every single sip. This is truly one of our favorite lots of the year.

Kibingo Washing Station

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