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Bonavita 8-Cup Brewer


Bonavita has refined and elevated basket brewing by stripping it down to its essential elements and designing each with an eye toward brewing excellence. The flat bottom basket and large showerhead allow for even saturation and uniform extraction, keys to producing a rich, flavorful brew. Water is heated precisely to an optimal temperature range of 195-205 degrees. An optional pre-infusion mode wets fresh grounds, permitting degassing before the brewing cycle, a step that helps smooth bitterness. A single on/off switch is minimal and elegant. The insulated stainless steel carafe holds 40 ounces of coffee hot for hours, a boon to those for whom one cup is simply “a good start.”

-Stainless steel w/ BPA-free plastic
-12.4” x 6.8” x 12.2”
-Dishwasher safe

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